Where is Michael Mamaril?

  • In tribute to a Borderlands fan by the real name of Michael Mamaril who died from cancer at a young age, Gearbox immortalized him as an NPC vault hunter who offers you guns to help you out (source). The "Tribute to a Vault Hunter" achievement triggers upon finding him.

    I haven't been able to find him in Sanctuary in single or multiplayer. I've completed multiple story missions and still cannot find him. Is there some trick to when he begins to show up in Sanctuary? I know he hangs around in many different spots—are they random or predictable?

    The Achievement is there, just cannot find him. It seems to me like it's a bug.

    @desaivv Still haven't found him, the game is great and since I'm not an achievement hunter it doesn't bother me too much. I'll still withhold accepting until someone's advice actually gets me to him.

  • MaxBedlam

    MaxBedlam Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Michael Mamaril can be found in the Sanctuary (you don't need any quest requirement for him,he starts showing as soon you get in Sanctuary).

    There is a chance he will "spawn" in one of his spawn locations (i personally found him twice next to the Hostel door) in Sanctuary everytime you come to the town.

    Michael Mamaril Locations (screenshot and work by me):

    enter image description here

    Additional info:

    • Michael Mamaril will give you a blue weapon or item when you talk to him
    • The items he gives you are scaled to your level
    • You can constantly leave and re-enter town via fast-travel to reset his spawning and therefore farm free items from him
    • In the unpatched console versions, Michael has a 100% spawn chance before Sanctuary is relocated
    • His spawn chance on PC and on patched console version is always 10%

    I was told he only resets after completing a story quest. Is that no longer true?

    @SadlyNot Well Iv'e found him 3 or 4 times now and I'm mostly doing only sidequests (i do story quests only when I'm out of sidequests) so i don't think that's true.

    @SadlyNot on Xbox I've found him almost every time I've returned to Sanctuary.

    Sounds good to me :D

    Indeed he's just a really rare spawn on PC, I managed to find him in one of the locations listed. If any details surface about how to reliably get him please let me know.

    @toNyldaS I don't think Gearbox will change his "spawn" rate for PC version, but if they do I'll let you know.

    @toNyldaS Added some more info that you might find interesting/useful (under additional info).

    I have been replaying the game since Oct 2013. I have yet to see him. Each time I get to Sanctuary, I go through all the possible locations (all those listed here as well as in front of the fast travel building - I think i found him there once on another play-through). I have yet to find him. I've been looking since before Sanctuary took flight. I've just killed the Warrior and still no sign of MM. I'm playing on PS3.

    I found him tonight in under the stairs Scooter's garage. I was seriously beginning to wonder if he had been removed or made more scarce. Glad to know he's still around.

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