Where do I get a Magical Gem?

  • I am trying to build a plane to take me to the mountains. Problem is, I now need a magical gem to complete one of Billy's quests.

    I have never seen this gem anywhere.

    Where do I get it? Do I have to ask a friend for it, and hope they have one? Or is it something I can craft somewhere?

  • Ash

    Ash Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Turns out you get the Magical Gem as a quest reward - a few hours or so after Billy asks you for the Magical Gem for his plane, Pepin will tell you about a family heirloom that he wants to give to you in exchange for a lotus flower. Once you craft the lotus flower for Pepin, he will give you the Magical Gem that Billy needs.

    I'm not sure time really has to pass. In my case, it was basically instant after Billy gave the other quest.

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