Is there a chart showing all unit upgrade paths in Civilization 5?

  • Is there a chart showing the upgrade paths for the units? Something like


    for all of the units.

    Note: the below charts may now be out of date based on the recent expansions (for example, I believe the Crossbowman now upgrades to the Gatling Gun, which I don't see listed anywhere).

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    10 years ago

    Here, I just made one for you, based on information available from the actual game files.

    Click the image to see a larger version!

    unit upgrade chart


    • This is updated up to the June 2011 patch and DLCs; however, unique units always upgrade in exactly the same way as the units they replace, so if some unique unit is missing from the chart above you can just find out what it replaces to see how it upgrades.
    • Gun units and melee units are not the same - in particular, they differ in some promotions, you can check my promotion chart which uses the same icons.
    • The Giant Death Robot is indeed considered an armor unit.
    • Missiles, bombs and SS parts are non-upgradable (and removed from the chart for brevity).

    Umm, does that say that a Trireme upgrades to a pikeman?

    Interesting to note -- a warrior who visits ruins and gets "more advanced weapons" will in fact turn into a spearman, not a swordsman.

    @Raven that *is* interesting. I'm guessing they want to keep the units on the same era, to prevent it being overpowered.

    I'm really surprised that there are so few units, or are these only the units with upgrade paths?

    Another note on ruins upgrades - a scout upgraded into an archer can get a second upgrade from ruins and turn into a crossbowman. So @Oak, there's apparently no restriction on era.

    @C.Ross - I only listed the units that are part of an upgrade path. My first draft contained all the units in the game, but it was needlessly long and not really relevant to the question.

    I kind of wish you could refuse that upgrade - I'd rather usually rather leave my scout as a scout!

    @therefromhere a scout being upgraded to an archer still retains its special movement ability, so there's no downside. And an archer can be really powerful in the early game.

    This is great! There's also Ironclad->Battleship, Atomic Bomb->Nuclear Missile, Submarine->Nuclear Submarine, and Bomber->Stealth Bomber

    @GoatRider I'm afraid you are incorrect, those upgrades do not exist in civ5.

    Hmm, I was going by what's in the BradyGames strat guide. I just made a new chart, I'll take those links out if I've got it wrong.

    I see what you mean about them not being in the Civilopedia. I don't have any games saved to test it out at the moment, but I'm more inclined to agree with that than the strat guide which was written before the game was done.

    @GoatRider I personally tested that the submarine, ironclad and bomber do not upgrade.

    @Oak -- Lancers now update to Helicoptor Gunships (12/15 patch)

    @Raven already pre-made the new chart >:-)

    @Oak Damn. That's quite a visual upgrade.

    @Raven to be honest, I envied GoatRider's. His *still* looks way better, with the bigger font. And his arrows are more pronounced. Maybe I'll upload something nicer later.

    @Oak maybe include the Babylonian units in there as well. As far as I can tell, they're missing.

    @Raven I've updated the chart. I don't have the Babylonian DLC, but if you can point me to some online website detailing all civilizations then I'll add them - though I think I'll wait for tomorrow, when the two additional civilizations will be published.

    @Oak Two additional civilizations are being published tomorrow? (Man, I *have* been outta the Civ loop). And it looks much better with the larger font. Good work.

    @Oak just wondering what software did you use to make that gorgeous chart?

    @Zhanger it was hand-made with Dia. For the expansion I got lazy and just used dot.

    Both these charts are wrong, you can upgrade pikeman to lancer if you research that first.

    @user65478 there's a more up-to-date chart in my answer to the Brave New World question.

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