Which dragon for which race?

  • So the update has added in a race track where you can pay 50,000 (so far) to enter your dragon and then race it. Unlike most things in Dragonvale this is an interactive race and dragon selection has a large impact upon the outcome as the dragons naturally move faster in the environments they are attuned to and move slower in ones that are their opposites.

    What I am after is a list of the race tracks and their elements. I can guess at some of them but some times I am very far off (I thought shimmering was ice, instead it was lightning for example).

    I think you meant Dragonvale, not Dragon **value**, though I have to admit I would be interested in playing the latter if it exists :)

    Whoops! That would be why it didn't show up right I suppose!

    The full list can be found on the wiki.

  • lFeNixZl

    lFeNixZl Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Dramoria - Cold, Metal

    Year of the Dragon - Earth, Water, Air, Fire

    Blast Furnace - Fire, Metal

    Ulster Meadows - Earth, Plant

    Rime or Reason - Air, Cold

    Marsh Lands - Plant, Water, Earth

    Cherry Road - Fire, Plant, Earth

    Shimmering Faultline - Lightning, Earth

    Electric Skies - Lightning, Air

    Radiant Run - Light, Water

    Shining Valley - Light, Plant

    Brightless Vale - Dark, Earth

    Darkened Dash - Dark, Fire

    Ran a lot of races last night and these were spot on and I did not find a race not in this list. Thanks!

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