How do I breed a Sakura Dragon?

  • There's a new Sakura Dragon in the market with the elements Plant, Earth and Fire. Sounds like it's limited time.

    How do I get a Sakura Dragon egg and how will I know when I get one? Approximately how rare are they? How long do I have to breed one?

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    8 years ago

    Per the wiki:

    The Sakura Dragon can be bred by using a combination of dragons whose elements include plant, earth, and fire. The in game splash message indicated that you must be level 11+ to breed this dragon.

    You may have bred a Sakura dragon if you get a breed time of 10 hours, but you will have to wait till you see the egg to be sure, since it could be a Lava dragon as well. The egg is brown egg with three cherry blossoms on it, like this:

    The sakura dragon is only breedable until May 3rd.

    enter image description here

    Any idea how rare they are? Clover dragons were crazy rare, bloom dragons weren't very rare, I'm wondering where this one falls

    I've had about 3 failed attempts with a possible success in the hopper. I'll let you know pending that result.

    I am currently on my 4th Lava Dragon. I would classify this baby as a Rare breeding.. I have had Countless Flower dragons. I am breeding a Plant and a Lava for what its worth.

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