How to repair a malfunctioning button on a PS3 Dualshock controller?

  • The X button stopped working on one of my PS3 controllers. It's hardly through abuse, the controller isn't a year old and I don't play a lot.

    The button doesn't stick, it presses like the others, only the system isn't aware that I'm using it. I tried resetting it with the tiny reset button in the back, to no avail.

    What can I do?

  • If the controller is under warranty, you should contact Sony support for your region.

    If not, you could try opening up the controller yourself and having a look inside. It might be as simple as dust getting in. You might be able to see an obvious issue, and you can keep the controller plugged in so you can test the button as you investigate.

    There are many YouTube videos which show you how to disassemble (and reassemble) your ps3 controller. Just search for "disassemble ps3 controller".

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