How do I get more Oran berries in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

  • How do I get more Oran Berries in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver to cure the Miltank above Olivine City from its illness? I did not create more Oran berries in my berry pots and have run out of my initial batch. Is there a Pokemon that might be holding it if I catch it?

    Rule of advice - NEVER use your last berry of a type for anything. This is true in every game, as a just-in-case sort of deal.

    I thought of what @Shinrai, yet I gave my last Oran berry, hoping that it would be enough. I got an Oran berry by re-entering Ruins of Alph several times and rock smashing rocks, until I got a blue shard!

  • I know you will find another Oran Berry later in the game; I skipped the Miltank thing (it's not important for completing the game) and eventually came across another berry, though I don't remember exactly where.

    You can get Blue Shards from smashing rocks, then trade with the Juggler in Violet City.

    But probably the easiest way is to send a Pokemon to the Refreshing Field area on the Pokewalker. Once you have 300 steps in one day, use the Dowsing Machine and there is a good chance you will obtain an Oran Berry.

    Once you have one Oran Berry, transfer it back to your game, plant it in your Berry Pot, and water it regularly (about every 4 hours). You should get several more, which you can replant again and again.

    One more option: on Fridays, the Daily drawing corner has oran berries as a 3rd place prize. Costs 300 per drawing, can be done as many times as you have the money for it and is an easy way to rack up oran berries for the moomoo farm ahead of time.

    I went on Friday to drawing corner and got anither berry. Rock smashing in Ruins of Alph again and again did the trick.

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