How do I beat the Reaper on Rannoch?

  • I'm having trouble with the last of the Rannoch missions, where Shep wakes up and takes on a Reaper.

    Shepard has a targeting laser which will call in an orbital strike with the combined might of the Quarian Migrant Fleet, but there's two major problems standing between the commander and victory.

    1. The Targeting Laser takes a while to power up.

    2. The Reaper is trying to kill you.

    I can consistently avoid the Reaper's attacks for the first volley, but each time you hit it, the Reaper moves forwards, giving you less time to dodge future assaults. Is there some key to avoiding the Reaper's attacks? Strafing doesn't seem to be enough.

    +1 "The Reaper is trying to kill you." love it. How many hours in are you now?

  • Tim Stone

    Tim Stone Correct answer

    9 years ago

    This was a very frustrating battle. The trick about the targeting laser is that it doesn't actually require you to complete the targeting lock in a single fire. You can completely let go of the trigger and run to the side, then re-aim, making increments of progress each time.

    The other thing I noticed, which was non-obvious to me the first several times I died in the final slow motion sequence, was that the targeting seemed to work much more quickly if your aim was as close as possible to the center of the red eye (not just "Am I in the blue target circle?"). I haven't replayed to confirm with Science™ that this is indeed true, but on my successful completion I made sure to aim dead center and it was all over very quickly.

    As a side note to all space weapon R&D departments out there: I like my targeting lasers to work more quickly than, you know, the lasers trying to BURN ME TO A CRISP.

    +1: I also noted a distinct difference in speed during the slow motion scene between "aiming anywhere I could in a panic" and dying, compared to "aiming calmly at the centre" and a quick laser response time.

    Holding your aim steady also seems to target a lot faster

    Yes, aiming is much faster when not walking. It also helps to understand how the reaper aims. Once the reaper starts shooting the beam will not change direction anymore. So if you keep on walking to the right all time, it will hit you, but if you walk to the left and just after the reaper beam is visible to the right again, the beam will totally miss you. For the slow-motion sequence, you absolutely have to hit the red dot of the eye. Strangely it worked here only after I made a sidewards roll o.O

    Just did this firght. The 3rd tip I'll add on top of your two: when you need to turn (either to run or to aim/fire), pause with the power menu, then turn, then unpause.

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