How do I make a shortcut to an origin game?

  • I deleted my original shortcut to Mass Effect 3 as part of an ill-conceived attempt to get a steam overlay within Origin.

    Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to create a desktop shortcut from within origin, nor do I know where to target with a manually created shortcut.

    Does Origin not have the ability to make shortcuts outside of installing a game?

    I'm using Windows 7.

    Trying to mix Origin and Steam? Incoming Origin ban!

  • Assuming windows 7, you should already have a shortcut available in your windows Games folder. For me, this is located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Games.

    Alternatively, if you hit the start button (or windows key) and type "games explorer" and open the folder it displays, it will list all your registered games. Games Explorer.

    From either of these folders, you should be able to right-click-drag the game's icon onto the desktop, and selecting either copy here (games folder) or create shortcuts here (games explorer)

    I'm not sure, but, doesn't this work only with "Games for Windows" games?

    @Bora I'm not sure, either. I know that all the Origin games I own are listed there, but I only have a few so that may have been a coincidence.

    This path doesn't exist for me. The x86 Microsoft folder is empty, and the 64 bit Program Files doesn't have a Microsoft directory. Start menu -> Games Explorer worked, though.

    In windows 8 you open the games explorer by hitting Win+r and `shell:games`

    @RavenDreamer It's not Program Files, it's Program*Data*.

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