Does Origin have any built in screenshot functionality?

  • Origin is trying to edge its way onto Steam's turf, which seems to have been one of the major reasons for keeping Mass Effect 3 an Origin (and console!) exclusive.

    Thing is, I use Steam for a lot more than simply buying games - I've also fallen in love with the Steam Screenshot service.

    Does Origin have anything comparable? Or will I have to rely on third party software (like FRAPS, or... even running Origin through Steam?) to get my screenshots?

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    9 years ago

    Origin does not support screenshots. You will have to use FRAPS or Steam to make them or the game's functionality if there is any.

    I assume if you add the game to Steam "Games...Add a non-Steam game to the Library..." it will launch with the overlay which can take snaps for you.

    Yes, thats right.

    That doesn't help with some games like BF3. EA makes you launch that game from a browser so Steam can't put it's overlay.

    Download Process Explorer from SysInternals, Launch the game using Origin, fire up Process Explorer and copy the exact command line used to launch the exe. Add it to Steam :)

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