Why aren't the console commands "moveto" and "placeatme" working?

  • I'm not sure when did this happen, but all of sudden I cannot use the console command moveto and placeatme.

    I realized this when I'm trying to summon a dragon with player.placeatme EAFB4, it's just not appearing. The same happens when I'm trying to move myself to Lydia using prid A2C94 then moveto player.

    I have tried summoning/moving to other NPCs but it's still doesn't work.

    But oddly when I tried it on another save file (different character) it's working perfectly.

    Any help here? :/

    After several tries, I have found something.

    They are still spawning. But instead spawning next to me, they are spawning to somewhere below the Riften Thieves Guild (The Ragged Flagon).

    I don't know why is it happening. I discovered it when I clicked my character (0000014) and then typed moveto player in the console command. It teleported me to the below Riften Thieves Guild. Here are some screenshots to illustrate what I mean:

    Example 1

    Example 2

    Example 3

    Example 4

    The Riften Guard and Whiterun Guard I've summoned earlier also seem to appear on that place. I tried summoning other NPCs using the player.placeatme again, and yup. They do appear on the Ragged Flagon.

    Anyone knows why is it happening? :/

    Are you carrying too much stuff?

    Yes, I'm always carrying too much stuff. The command still worked earlier, but yesterday I just realized it didn't work anymore.

    Do you have any mods installed? Did you try it without any mods running?

    I have many mods. I'm not sure if mod is the cause, as in another save file (with the same mod running), I can perfectly use those console commands.

    OK I have found something... they are still spawning, but instead of spawning next to me, they are spawning to the Ragged Flagon. Why is it happening?

    What is the result of `GetInCellParam 14` while you are physically elsewhere?

  • deathlock

    deathlock Correct answer

    9 years ago

    OK I have realized that everytime I sell something to a merchant NPC... my coordinate CHANGES along with my sold items. I don't know precisely which item done this, because it just changes with every items.

    The first time was in Riften. Then it happened in Markarth. Then in Windehlm. Then in Solitude.

    Though it seems this problem never happen in outdoor, always in walled town. Not sure why is this happening. Should I open a new question?

    Yes. You should open a new question.

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