How do I earn SC2's "Hurry up, it's raid night" achievement?

  • The "Hurry up, it's raid night" achievement in Starcraft 2 involves "beating Wings of Liberty, on normal, in 8 hours or less."

    Is there a recommended mission path to take? Which mission should I take for the branching paths? Does it count time spent on the Hyperion in between missions, or is it exclusively time elapsed on missions. Does replaying a mission affect the time? General tips / hints from those who've unlocked the achievement?

    Edit: Just got this achievement tonight, finally! The answer was perfect.

    I love the name of that achievement. :-)

  • juan

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    10 years ago

    The recommended missions path for finishing the campaign as fast as possible:

    From first to last: (19/26)

    Liberation Day
    The Outlaws
    Zero Hour
    Smash and Grab
    The Devil's Playground
    Welcome to the Jungle
    The Great Train Robbery
    The Dig
    Whispers of Doom
    A Sinister Turn
    Echoes of the Future
    In Utter Darkness
    The Moebius Factor
    Maw of the Void
    The Gates of Hell
    Belly of the Beast
    All In

    It should take you about 5 hours.


    Thank you. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. It is my pleasure to award you the largest bounty on gaming.stackexchange to date! (I think...)

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