How much does a house cost in Skyrim? Can I get one for free?

  • How can I buy a house in Skyrim? How much do I have to pay? Can I put an alchemy table or an enchanter table in it? Do I've to solve a quest to get a house?

    According to the UESP wiki page on houses, the price range is 5,000 to 25,000 gold. The page also lists some free shacks with non-respawning ("safe") containers you can use.

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    You can buy several houses in Skyrim:

    1. Whiterun*, 5000 septims. After completing the Bleak Falls Barrow quest.
    2. **Riften****, 5000 or 8000 septims. After performing several quests in Riften.
    3. **Markarth****, 8000. After completing either the Main Quest or Lvl 20, Red Eagle Redoubt and some miscellaneous quests.
    4. **Windhelm****, 8000 or 12000 septims. Available after completing the Stormcloak quests. Also becomes available after completion of the Imperial Army quest line. Available after completing the quest Blood on the Ice
    5. **Solitude****, 25,000 septims. Available after completing a miscellaneous quest (named Elisif's Tribute) for the Jarl.
    6. Dawnstar*, free. Available after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest Hail Sithis! The Master Bedroom upgrade costs 3000 gold, purchased from Delvin Mallory, as part of a total 19,000 gold upgrade of the sanctuary.
    7. Dawnstar*, 5000 septims. Available after installing Hearthfire, doing the completion Waking Nightmares, and doing the completion of Kill the Giant.
    8. Markarth, free. Available after completion of The House of Horrors.
    9. Winterhold, free. Available upon enrolling in the College of Winterhold.
    10. **Winterhold*****, free. Available upon completing the The Eye of Magnus.
    11. Morthal*, 5000 septims. Availible after installing Hearthfire, and completing Laid to Rest.
    12. Falkreath*, 5000 septims. Available after installing Hearthfire, completing Black Briar Mead, and Kill the Bandit Leader.

    *House can be upgraded to have an Alchemy Lab
    **House can be upgraded to have an Alchemy Lab and an Arcane Enchanter
    ***House has Alchemy Lab and Arcane Enchanter ****Houses that need Hearthfire have land plot where you can create you're own house in the land by first planning it using the drafting table and creating it in the workbench. Interior workbenches are for the inside of homes.

    Plus the cost for upgrades, as you can see on the Wiki page, count anywhere from 1800 (Whiterun) to 9000 (Windhelm) gold. You'll want them because they look nice, and include extra containers.

    What does free Markarth house have to do with house of horrors? That abandoned house is unclean and doesn't have an enchanting or alchemy or anything else in that house.

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