Can you end Beast Form early?

  • Is there any way to end beast form early? I find myself using it to clear out a particularly hard portion of a dungeon at times, but then I have to sit around for 2-5 minutes so I can be my human character again (I have to feed to keep my health up, so I'm a werewolf longer than the 2.5 minutes).

    Is there anyway to end it early?

  • jacobjfoley

    jacobjfoley Correct answer

    9 years ago

    One hour of waiting in Skyrim is approximately equal to 180 seconds (tested using shout cooldown times - a 180 second cooldown was ready after waiting 1 hour, while a 300 second cooldown required me to wait for 2 hours). As your time as a werewolf is equal to 150 seconds + 30 seconds per "feed", if you've fed on a large number of bodies in werewolf form, you may need to wait several hours.

    I have also noticed that the check to see if it's time to turn back to normal appears to be run only every few seconds, so you may need to stand around for a moment after waiting in order for the transformation to occur.

    By default, one hour of game time is _exactly_ equal to 180 seconds (3 minutes) of real-world time - Skyrim's default timescale is 20, meaning that game time passes at 20 times the rate of real-world time. (Note that you can change the timescale in the console; personally, I prefer a timescale of 5.)

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