How am I supposed to kill the frost troll?

  • So I've run into two frost trolls so far.

    The first one I took advantage of bad pathing which I feel bad about because it ruined the game immersion.

    The second one I used a full unrelenting shout and got a bunch of free shots in while it was unconscious, but then had to back off since it really didn't go down more than 1/4 of its life. I finally took advantage of bad pathing to run past it to the end of the dungeon.

    This feels really odd because I have taken down a handful of dragons, including once being attacked by two at the same time.

    Is there any good strategy to kill a frost troll which won't make me feel like I'm glitching the game?

    My character is now at level 10, using iron heavy armour.

    The regeneration is what gets you. The first Troll I encountered... I was able to engage it from max range and unload a dozen arrows into its chest before it got to me. When I died, it was at full health. The next time I got close and opened with a Fire breath, and the beasty was dead in 6-7 additional shots.

    "Supposed to" isn't always a valid assumption in a sandbox game. ;)

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    How does the phrase "kill it with fire" show up nowhere on this page? There's never been a better opportunity to say it.

  • Your level, your equipment, and your skillset all come into play while fighting. It is good to know that Frost trolls are weak against fire and it will stop them from regenerating health for a bit.

    In low levels, they can absolutely devastate you, so make sure you are at least level 10 or so before you want to take one on.

    Think of it like a deathclaw in Fallout 3: you can find them at level 1, but that doesn't mean you can fight them.

    Dragons scale in level relative to you - Frost Trolls do not.

    ! I thought all dungeons scaled with my level! Is there a list somewhere of what scales and what doesn't?

    @tugs you can read about level scaling here

    It doesn't scale at every level from what I`ve experienced. It's kind of like WoW in that once you reach a minimum level it will have a range of creatures, some very easy and some very hard. Of course every once in a while you'll see a skeever or a low level bandit, but in general the scaling seems to be a range. so Frost trolls are probably a very hard encounter for you now but in a few levels they will get easier.

    Fire is _the_ secret weapon to use when fighting trolls. I was lucky enough to read this book in game before encountering one. I didn't stick around and try to kill it though, instead opting to sprint by and try to stay alive to fight one another day.

    Scaling is implemented as harder or easier tiers of enemies. For example, at low levels, you might see a dragon, and at high levels, you might get an ancient dragon. It seems like also some enemy types are designed for higher levels than others (at low levels, wolves will randomly spawn on the road, at high levels, saber tooth cats start spawning too, for example.) Yet there are some places where these harder enemy types are a guaranteed spawn. So, it's not always the case that the enemies will be appropriate for your level. The colder areas of the map with more snow are generally harder.

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