Why am I unable to use dragon souls to unlock dragon shouts?

  • I have killed a couple of dragons. When I go to the "shouts" section of the magic menu, it tells me that I have 2 dragon souls available in the lower right corner. However, when I press "R" to try and unlock another shout, it tells me that dragon souls are required to unlock shouts, just like in the beginning of the game when I had none.

    When I got 3 souls, I was able to unlock a shout, but I still cannot use the other two. I have three shouts unlocked in total.

    To clarify: I have lots of greyed-out shouts in the list. I have 2 dragon souls, but still cannot press "R" to unlock them.

    Here's a screenshot

    @Ben I read the answers and your comments on them. It sure sounds like a bug. Did you try saving/reloading then trying again?

  • I got the same message, but it turned out I was pressing 'E' to equip the shout, and not 'R' to unlock it.

    If the shout you're trying to unlock is three words long, you may need three souls to unlock it.

    You may have the wrong shout selected. Skyrim's UI is tricky sometimes, and you'll have a different menu item highlighted than you think.

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