When do merchants start paying the actual value of items without bonus effects and perks?

  • When you pick up items in Skyrim it tells you the value of each item. However when I go and sell the items the merchants are only paying 30% of this value, at best.

    Discounting any perks or other effects, how high does Speechcraft have to be before merchants start paying full value for items?

    My guess is well over 100.

    Unless the growth is something odd, I don't see any way they'll ever pay over 50% for anything given the values of items and my current level of speech.

    There are items you can wear that help when selling. Vosung mask gives you +20% Amulet of Zenithar give you + 10% I haven't found a ring but there has got to be one somewhere. lol

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    9 years ago

    Sounds like you have low Speech

    Speech will directly affect the prices paid when buying from and selling to merchants, even without the assorted perks. At 0 speech, merchants will sell items for 3 times their base price, and buy for a third of their base price. At 100 speech, merchants will sell items for twice their base price and buy for half.

    Wow, I though 100 speech would mean the margin was almost 0 (e.g. paying true value but still selling for more to make a profit). I guess I'll have to get used to getting ripped off!

    @jwaddell Yeah, it's impressive to me too, but it makes sense in that you acquire the better items through quests, and you move from a 9:1 buying-selling ratio to 4:1. Taking the important perks from the Speech tree (5 in Haggling, 1 in Allure) gets you an additional 35% against the opposite sex, which brings you to 2:1. You get ripped off, but if you could buy and sell at cost, you could essentially rent items for free.

    and you can buy tons of ingredients and then make something and sell it again

    and in addition to skills there are perks. so not 1:4. Buy tons of ingredients from alchemist craft your own and then sell it back and you are still at profit

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