What's the best strategy for Survival: Endless mode?

  • I'm trying to beat my high score in the Survival: Endless mode in Plants vs Zombies.

    So I'm looking for a good strategy of what (endgame) units I should be placing to make it as far as possible.

    Any suggestions?

    Note: I'm aiming for the swimming pool level (see image)

    24+1=25 ... Good Question..

  • Kevin Yap

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    10 years ago

    This website lists a bunch of strategies. Here is one example of a strategy:


    Essentially, at higher levels, almost all strategies rely on having a constant supply of Cob Cannons to take out the Gargantuars with. The Winter Melons are used to slow down incoming enemies. The Gloom Shrooms in the pool are to damage pool-dwelling zombies and also attack zombies in the second and fifth rows. The Gloom Shrooms near the house are to kill Miner Zombies in the event that they spawn, and the Banana Leaves are to protect against Catapult and Bungie Zombies. The Ice-Shroom is placed in the pond to wake up with a Coffee Bean in the event that it needs to be used, Spikerock is to protect against vehicles and zombies that get too close to the Cob Cannons, and the Twin Sunflower to generate sun.

    This one seems very good, but perhaps consider adding some awesome screens just for the kicks ;-)

    Good idea. Added. :)

    This strategy has no way to shoot down the balloon zombies!

    I think you're expected to use the Cob Cannons.

    ?Most of the solutions do not display back up sun.Where did the currency come from? Despite all my best efforts, I have not crossed 18 flags of survival endless, please help!!

    I think it would be helpful to add something that explains why this works well.

    @GeraldineJain: Sun becomes less relevant as you go on. The four double sunflowers there should be more than enough to replace losses.

    @DaveDuPlantis Thanks for noticing that – most of my early answers didn't contain much explaining, so I've tried to explain the strategy better.

    Perfect. I think that also should help with issues like Geraldine's; link + image + explanation should really help.

    hmm in the image you have 2 frozen watermelons in the row. Dont regular watermelons deal more damage and 1 frozen watermelon is enough to freeze everyone?

    @KevinY ofc it does the corn cannon will take care of them

    where is metal pumpkin from?

    @Xitcod13 winter melon does the same amount of damage. the almanac says it does more, but it's wrong.

    @jacen.garriss that's the imitater version of a pumpkin

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