Can you obtain a mammoth tusk without fighting a giant?

  • In Skyrim I have a quest to retrieve a mammoth tusk to help someone set up as a merchant. Of course, mammoths are generally being shepherded by giants. I do want to kill a giant at some stage but my character isn't quite ready for that yet. Is there any way to obtain a mammoth tusk without taking on a giant?

    If you pull the mammoth by engaging it at long range, you can often avoid aggravating any nearby giants, while it will come toward you so you can finally engage it far away from the giants.

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    An easy place to find several mammoth tusks is in the Halted Stream Camp. You get a miscellaneous objective from Ahmren in Whiterun to retrieve his family sword, which may be located in the cave at the camp. In the same area as the sword, there is a shelf with 5-6 Mammoth Tusks just laying there, ripe for the taking. It's slightly North-Northwest from Whiterun's main gate. The symbol on the map looks like two sticks forming an X.

    I think that quest location changes depending on the character - I've done it twice, and the sword was at different landmarks.

    @Artless I don't believe so. There have been a large number of mentions of people being sent to Halted Stream right at the beginning of the game (people remember because of the Transmute book) so I think that is a static quest.

    I retrieved his sword from Redoran's Retreat, so the location must change for different games.

    There were actually a few tusks right inside the entrance, so you don't even need to kill the bandit chief if you don't want to (although I did, of course).

    wow that was easy thanks there wer 3 just sitting there

    +1, but you can't mention Halted Stream Camp without mentioning the Transmutation spell book there.

    Halted Stream Camp is my first stop after I get to Whiterun. Grab a pickaxe, a tusk, mine all the iron, grab the Transmutation spell, and you've set yourself up for the early game. Just mine and transmute as you travel and you'll have a supply of gold to forge jewelry you can then enchant. A perpetual source of income and training in 3 different skill trees. And you please marriable Ysolda, who's one of the cuter NPCs.

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