Is it possible to remove stolen status from stolen items?

  • I'm a bit of a magpie in Elder Scrolls games and have a habit of wandering off with almost everything which isn't nailed down. Partly, this is to generate income, but I'm also filling out my extensive collections of books, alchemy ingredients, and… well, shiny things.

    There are two problems with this habit, however, and both of them relate to that nasty "Stolen" tag:

    1. Your average merchant won't buy stolen goods. Yes, that can be remedied, but I thus far haven't unlocked many fences and my Speechcraft has a long way to go before I can start investing in anyone. As a result, I have a cupboard in Whiterun filled with many thousands of gold worth of items acquired via the "bucket discount".

    2. Even when stored in containers you own, stolen goods are listed in red. In a large collection, the item list ends up looking like either a zebra crossing or a murder scene. Not exactly a game-ending problem, but it's still aesthetically displeasing.

    Is there anyway to cleanse an item of its "Stolen" status?

    I just sold a stolen, enhance and enchanted sword to the fence in the ragged flagon, then wasted 3k buying the thing back, and it still says its stolen... is it only with that fence, or does this trick not work for the xbox?

    Interesting find. What was it for a sword?

    @BenBlank Your link about "shiny things" doesn't appear to actually jump to any specific point in that article. Could you clarify which Easter Egg you're referring to? I'm interested now.

    @Iszi — I've updated the link. :-)

    Its quite stupid that even consumable(common) items retain their stolen status...

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    Yes you can. When you sell the stolen goods to a fence, or a merchant if you have the perk, and repurchase it, it will no longer be stolen.

    There are some items that retain the stolen flag, such as unique items from the Falmar museum.

    Hmm… that could work for collections, but not so much when you're just trying to sell things in the first place. And it could get quite expensive!

    As a side note, you'll lose a lot of money doing this with lots of items as you sell an item for a lot less than you can buy it for.

    @Ben well, if you wanted to sell it in the first place, there's no reason not to go to a fence ;)

    @yx. — There is if all your fences constantly have 0 gold left! :-D

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