Where can I find Daedra hearts?

  • I've learned quite a bit of smithing now and just started to be able to create Daedric armor and weapons. But now I noticed that I need Daedra hearts as an ingredients to create those.

    Where can I find some Daedra to rip their hearts out and make some armor and weapons out of them?

    This is a good question - in about 25 levels, I've only ever found about four hearts.

    Typically, between their lungs. \*rimshot\*

    In merely 10 smithing levels you will have dragon armor, I didn't feel making daedric stuff was worth it

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    Daedra hearts are a rare drop from Daedra mobs: Atronachs and Dremoras. They will not drop from conjured Daedra, though: so no farming your conjured servants. Good places to find Daedra are during the Daedric quests The Black Star and Pieces of the Past.

    In addition to that:

    • One can be stolen from the Nightcaller Temple in the Daedric quest Waking Nightmare
    • One can be stolen from Kodiak's room in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun
    • Enthir in Winterhold College sells 2 every 48 hours at a huge premium
    • They will rarely show up for sale on random vendors throughout the world

    The Wikia suggests a few other places as well:

    • Alchemists in Orc Camps will sell 2-3 of them
    • Babette at the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
    • One at Hall of the Vigilant directly south of Dawnstar and near Red Road Pass where a giant exists
    • Random chance to be on any of several vendors in Markarth Side

    Can any vendor have them, or just alchemy vendors? What about the food vendors that also stock the salt alchemy ingredient?

    @Arkive As I understand it, it's a random chance on any vendor. However, the Wikia suggests it might be more localized to Orc alchemists and vendors in Markarth.

    The dremoras that spawn from Mehrunes' Razor quest will net you 1 Daedra Heart each, totalling 4 if you go into the Shrine. http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Mehrunes'_Razor_(Skyrim)

    I've found, at least for the PS3 version, once you become the harbinger for the companions the heart in Kodiak's room will respawn every few days, or at least there has been one back everytime i've revisited. Also its not stealing when you're da person in charge ;)

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