What are all the keyboard/mouse controls in Skyrim?

  • I'm looking for a list of every keyboard control in Skyrim. Bonus points for the mouse too.

    Esc/Start -> controls.

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    Here are the default controls for the PC:

    Mouse  Look/turn
    W      Move forward
    S      Move backward
    A      Strafe left
    D      Strafe right
    C      Toggle Automove / Zoom item in inventory
    Alt    Sprint
    Shift  Walk (slower and quieter than default movement)
    Space  Jump
    Ctrl   Crouch/sneak mode
    E      Equip also to Mount/Dismount Horses
    R      Ready/sheathe weapon
    LMouse  Attack with weapon or cast spell in right hand (primary hand maps to primary mouse)
    RMouse  Attack with weapon or cast spell in left hand / Block if available
    Z      Racial power/Dragon shout
    P      Magic menu
    Q      Favorites
    E      Activate/use/hold to manipulate objects
    F      Change views (1st and 3rd person)
    Tab    Character Menu
    J      Open journal
    T      Wait
    1-8    Hotkeys (no numpad)
    M      Map
    I      inventory
    /      Perk menu
    Mwheel  Scroll in menus or zoom while in 3rd person
    Esc    Menu
    `      Open/close the console (~ key)

    Source: UESP

    What is "automove"?

    Character walks forward without the player holding W

    and also caps lock toggles sneak/crouch on and off (useful if you want to sneak for a while and don't want to hold down shift the whole time)

    what is hotkeys?

    @JimThio They're basically shortcuts. In this case, you can assign a weapon, shield, or spell to 1-8, so that when you press that number, you equip whatever you assigned.

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