Is there any way to shout more often?

  • I'm a Dovahkiin. I can shout people to death, and it's awesome.

    I lament, however, that my voice can only shout every so often, usually requiring a cooldown of 30 seconds (or more!) before I can shout again.

    Is there any way to reduce the cooldown of the Thu'um? I discovered that activating a shrine of Talos offers a Blessing of Talos effect that reduces the time between shouts by 0%. I assume this is a bug (supposed to be 10%, perhaps?), but it makes me hopeful that other such shout reduction effects exist elsewhere in the game.

    Is there anything that help me shout more often?

    @JoachimSauer, Raven Dreamer does not like my humor it seems. (-1) `:(`

    @NickT - you *really* think a downvote is warranted because "QUESTION ASKER DOESN'T WANT SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS"?

  • An Amulet of Talos will reduce the time between shouts by 20%. I believe this stacks with the +20% to shout recovery from shrines to Talos, which will knock a whopping 40% off your recovery time.

    Sadly, you cannot disenchant the amulet and learn to make your own +Shout Recovery items.

    Also the dragon mask Morokei (requires unofficial bugfix patch) adds another 20% getting you to 60%.

    Does the Shrine of Talos buff actually do something despite being listed under Active Effects as +0%?

    So, I did some research. The Talos buff has a typo in the Active Effects. It might show up as 0%, but it brings the 15 cooldown on FUS to 12, so it's clearly working. Gonna test later if it stacks.

    Do these effects stack additively (20% + 20% = 40% reduction, 60% of original) or multiplicatively (20% + 20% = 0.8 * 0.8 * original = 64% of original)?

    @Nellius It seems to work additively.

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