How do you defeat the antagonist of the Eye of Magnus quest?

  • I just completed the final (I think) main quest of the College of Winterhold and became the Arch-Mage, although I have no idea how I did it. Nothing I did seemed to be having any effect, either on the Eye of Magnus, or on Ancano. Eventually, Ancano simply keeled over and was dead.

    I was shooting the staff all over the place, so I'm not sure which target had an effect and which completely ignored my attempts.

    What is the intended way to claim victory in this battle?

  • Jejoss

    Jejoss Correct answer

    9 years ago

    You're supposed to close the eye with the staff, which makes Ancano vulnerable. Then you can kill him however you wish. I found the staff to be more than adequate for this.

    Just to add a bit of additional clarification: using the staff on the Eye doesn't work until Ancano finishes his "let's rumble" type speech, stops channeling into the Eye, and the other mages charge forward to engage him in real combat. Until that point you're just wasting item charge.

    Even when I use the staff on the orb, it does nothing :\ don't know if the game is glitching. When I enter the hall he stops what he's doing and attacks straight away. Ive watched game play online, and in all the videos he continues to take power from the orb. Don't know why I can't kill him :\

    Tolfdir actually says "use the staff on the eye" but I didn't hear it at first.

    For anyone struggling with @user15795's problem (the staff doesn't close the Eye of Magnus), make sure you're not too close or too far away. The sweet spot for me was like 5-7 ft. away. Also close the gate before Tolfdir runs in and wait for Tolfdir to open the gate for the cutscene.

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