What's a quick way to level conjuration?

  • My conjuration is level 26 and I can't seem to figure out a quick way to level it. What's the quickest/most effective way to level it up?

    When you first start the game and come out of the first cave where the dragon fly's over you their is a blessing stone near by that lets your magic skills level up faster. I have found to have a summon spell in one hand and bound weapon in the other. Within about 2 hours or so my conjuration was in the 50's.

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    From Good list of way to train all your skills on Reddit


    • Buy the bound sword
    • Find slaughterfish
    • Stand at the edge of water so slaughterfish can't attack you, and so that you'll still be in combat
    • Cast bound sword (don't dual sword it), sheath your weapon and repeat.

    You can get the Apprentice Conjuration magic perk to make this process go by faster. This process is so quick you can have 100 conjuration in little over 1 and a half hour. OR repeatedly cast soul trap on any dead creature.

    I found these techniques to work the best for quick conjuration leveling.

    I guess this works if you don't actually want to _play_ the game..

    True that snailer. Is useful if you want a perk and you're 1 or 2 skillpoints off the required amount :)

    So casting summon spells without enemies being near does not level your Conjuration? Because I always cast these spells before I get into combat, as that is the only logical way to play.

    Snailer, literally anyone asking about the fastest way to level something doesn't care about "playing" the game.

    it is actually faster to cast a sword in each hand than to cast it in just one. Dual casting(so you get one sword in one hand that lasts twice as long) does not get extra XP. You just need a slight offset in casting time between hands. Then you get double XP for casting the spell twice.

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