What quest is the object Dravin's Bow from?

  • So apparently I've found a quest item Dravin's Bow somewhere in my travels. Anyone found this quest, since I can't drop the item, I'd like to complete it quick-fastly, as I subscribe to the 'pick up everything that's not nailed down' school of thought.

  • Correct answer

    9 years ago

    What you picked up was a miscellaneous objective, Bow to the Master when you were in the Ratway Warrens.

    To complete it, return the bow to Dravin. You can find him at the Merryfair Farm.

    After the dragon murdering Dravin the first time... was finally able to get this out of my inventory. Thanks.

    Just make sure you dont pick up the only N'Gasta!... (though it was so popular in Morrowind) as you'll never be able to get id of the 1lb if you don't talk to Ugrub first.

    @Curtis, this is a fallacy. Quest objects do not actually weigh anything.

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