How do I persuade the guards at Northwatch Keep to let me rescue Thorald Gray-Mane during "Missing In Action"?

  • During the quest "Missing In Action", I tried to take a peaceful resolution to rescuing Thorald Gray-Mane and decided to persuade the guards at Northwatch Keep to let him go rather than rush in and kill them all. Unfortunately, when I got there, things got...complicated. There's no easy way into the Keep and the guards won't let me in without an order from the Imperial Guard. Does this mean I have to join the Imperial Guard to rescue him? Or is there some other way to persuade these guards?

    When I first got to Whiterun, I was asked by someone which side I was on, Battle-born or Greymane. I said something like "I don't have a side." I wonder if I'd said I was on the Battle-born side if the guard there would be friendly to me, and let me walk him out? Alternatively, maybe there is something you can steal from the Battle-born house that proves you have the right to take him? I feel like there must be a peaceful way to solve this quest.

    @agf I definitely agree that there seems like there has to be some peaceful way to solve this quest, especially given that you get that ugly Failed message on part of the mission if you rush in and start knocking heads. That being said, I don't think it has to do with that response: I said "Battle-born" to that guy and he simply treated me in a more friendly way afterwards.

    OK, good to know that's not the problem. I haven't checked their farm yet; maybe there will be something there.

    @agf Good timing, caught me at the end of my flag clearing. Honestly, based on the dialogue between you and the guards, where they say you have to have an order from the Imperials themselves, I feel like you have to work your way up to a decent position in the Legion before you can take this route.

    I know tullius has to have something to do with it. I went thorugh the item codes and found something called the imperial order. i think its 000524da I any case, this is what it reads- Note from Tullius allowing for release of prisoner from northwatch keep.......... Yep. They forget to add the text to the letter. Which leads me to believe that this quest is a goose chase

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    To do it, you can try one of the following:

    Nope! The only way to avoid bloodshed (at least as of the current version) is to just not fight back. That's possible, especially at higher levels, but as far as I can tell there's no real benefit. You can still complete the quest, as I did, by failing the no bloodshed portion and saving Thorald with force. Maybe next time the Thalmor will learn to just agree when two people show up at the door wreathed in flames and wearing the bones of dragons they've slain.

    None of this should be shocking, as the quest can also glitch up if you exit the wrong door, or pickpocket and ask questions in the wrong order.

    +1 for: "door wreathed in flames and wearing the bones of dragons they've slain."

    Ditto. I can't get why bandits attack me when I'm a badass Nord covered in daedric plate. Even funnier when you say "Do you think I got any money?" and they say: "Hmm yeah, he probably don't, even with those gold and rubies necklace and rings."

    Did anyone try to be invisible?

    Tried with invisibility potion and got past guard. Too bad I didn't have many potions. Try this in combination with skeleton key for easy unlocking as you are running past guards.

    It talked to General Tullius. He told me to send an order to Northwatch Keep. I talk to the Thalmor Soldier at the gate about it and he let Thorald go.

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