How do I cure my disease?

  • Apparently I have Witbane, although I don't remember contracting it. Last time I got a disease, I was only informed of it because a random passerby on the road offered to cure it for me. Wandering the countryside in hopes of a benevolent priest is obviously not a reliable way to go about curing this and future diseases.

    How can I cure this disease?

    I saw a comment saying there are potion's, Cure potions are often found just lying around, What would happen to be the recipe for such?

  • Receive any blessing from any God in a Temple, and you get all diseases cured. Examples are the Shrine of Talos and the Temple of Kynareth ((Whiterun)

    there are also Potion of Cure Disease, in case you want to carry a few around so you don't have to walk back to town every time a wolf bites you

    how about cure disease potions?

    Some shrines can be found in the "wild". They aren't just in temples but temples are probably easier to find.

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