What can I do with Dragon Bones and Scales?

  • I've started slaying dragons (like all good Dohvakiin must), and with each beastie I down, I'm getting close to 200 lbs of loot, mostly in the form of Dragon Bones and Scales. These two items are high weight, and high value, but I can't seem to find any actual use for them, especially since most of the shopkeepers I talk to aren't interested in purchasing them.

    Are these just supposed to be for decorating one's house? Or is there some nefarious purpose for them down the road that I should stockpile them for?

    I would probably store them in some chest or on your follower :p

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    Just wait. I think Skyrim might have more longevity than Candy Crush! We will return!

  • Correct answer

    9 years ago

    Trevor G is correct, they are used for creating Dragonplate and Dragonscale armor, as well as Dragonbone weapons.

    To craft the entire Dragonscale set, you'll need 10 dragon scales. If you want the Dragonscale shield as well, that's another 4 dragon scales. You'll need an additional dragon scale for each of your Dragonscale armor pieces in order to improve them.

    To craft the Dragonplate set, you'll need 12 dragon scales and 5 dragon bones. The Dragonplate shield is another 3 dragon scales and 1 dragon bone. Dragonplate Armor and Shields both need a dragon bone in order improve them while Dragonplate Helmets, Gauntlets and Boots need dragon scales.

    Additionally, as of the Dawnguard DLC, they can also be used to craft weapons as well. These are largely forged from Dragon bones, leather, and Ebony ingots.

    So in the meantime, keep searching for a merchant who'll buy them from me? 100 smithing is gonna be awhile...

    @RavenDreamer I'd hold onto them: dragonplate armor is worth several hundred to a few thousand gold per piece, so if you're going to level smithing eventually...

    And you can keep them on your follower if you are not rich enough to buy a house

    Don't forget the extra materials for upgrading them all to Legendary, too. You wouldn't want to run around with plain-vanilla Dragonplate/Dragonscale armor, would you?

    @Hyppy Added the information to the answer.

    with the right mods such as http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=1935 you can also create dragon bone weapons. I dont know why they didnt add some dragonbone weapons in vanilla.

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