What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vampire?

  • Before I decide whether or not I wish to become a vampire, I'd like to know what I have to deal with.

    Will I have to stay out of the sun? Will having garlic in my inventory hurt me? I'd also like to know all the benefits I have.

    Also, will certain races behave differently as a vampire? I know kahjiit can see very well at night, so that'd be a bonus if I have to stay out of the sun.

    More importantly, will you sparkle like the vampires in Twilight?

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    9 years ago

    Unfortunately (or fortunately), you don't sparkle, and Anna Paquin isn't instantly attracted to you. There are other perks and drawbacks that might offset that, though:


    • Immunity to disease, and any disease you contracted will be cured
    • Immunity to poison, and any poison you contracted will be removed
    • 25% boost to Illusion spells cast
    • 25% harder to detect while sneaking
    • 25% boost to frost resistance per stage of vampirism (to a max of 100% at stage 4)
    • Special, vampire-only powers (see below)


    • Your face transforms into something only a mother could love; NPCs will comment about it, too
    • NPCs will attack you on sight once you hit stage 4
    • No magicka, stamina, or health regeneration during the day
    • 15 point reduction to magicka, stamina, and health during the day per stage of vampirism (to a max of 60 at stage 4)
    • Weakness to fire increases by 25% per stage of vampirism (to a max of 100% at stage 4)
    • Cannot become a werewolf, and lycanthropy will cure vampirism
    • Must feed periodically to maintain lower-levels of vampirism, which is a real hassle and is considered a crime

    Vampire powers

    As mentioned above, vampires get a set of powers and abilities in addition to their bonuses:

    Stage 1:

    • Vampire's sight — 60 second night vision; no cost, no cooldown
    • Vampiric drain — drain life, 2 health per second
    • Vampire's servant — Reanimate level 6 or lower corpse; 1 day cooldown

    Stage 2:

    • Vampire's seduction — mob level 8 or lower won't fight or flee for 30 seconds
    • Vampire's servant now works on level 13 or lower corpses

    Stage 3:

    • Vampiric drain now drains 4 health per second
    • Vampire's servant now works on level 21 or lower corpses

    Stage 4:

    • Embrace of the shadows — Invisibility and night vision for 3 minutes; 1 day cooldown
    • Vampiric drain now drains 5 health per second
    • Vampire's servant now works on level 30 or lower corpses

    Reading over this again, by 25% boost to stealth, do you mean 25% boost to sneak?

    @MrSmooth Yes, that's correct. Fixed.

    What are the special vampire-only powers?

    @ahsteele Added.

    Do the "during the day" drawbacks apply even indoors?

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