Are ores replenished over time?

  • In previous games, the amount of minerals found in a vein was set in stone. Now that blacksmithing is a feature, will minerals regrow after a certain amount of time as plants do?

    On a similar note does "everything" regenerate like oblivion did? Meaning you can go back to the same mine you searched days ago and fine more goodies? I hope so, that's what made oblivion the kind of game you could spend so m uch time on.

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    9 years ago

    The official strategy guide mentions that ores grow back after about a month, so there's nothing to worry about.

    Point of interest: The Oblivion official strategy guide said that Flowers regrew after a month, when actually it was only 3 days. Any luck with a verifiable time till respawn?

    @Raven Modders have already been able to partially inspect the ESM with existing Fallout 3 tools, and have confirmed that the cell reset is 30 days.

    According to the UESP, it's only 30 days if the mine gets the "Cleared" Tag. for other places and overworld mining nodes, it looks to be only 10 days.

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