How do you smelt ore?

  • I've gathered metal ore from a mine, but the forge only uses iron bars to create items. I can't seem to find an option to convert my ore into bars; do I need a special kind of forge, or I am missing something obvious?

  • Wimpey

    Wimpey Correct answer

    9 years ago

    What you are looking for is a furnace/smelter, which is typically in the shape of a very large, cone-shaped oven. Not all forges have a smelter, but Whiterun has one.

    A list of all smelters can be found on this site

    where is the furnace in whiterun?

    Right next to Warmaidens, just a few feet past the forge, grindstone et al.

    Would be nice if Wimpey added Jeremy's comment to his answer

    I could, but it is much more convenient if I added the location of all smelters, which is what I did, just now.

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