What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a werewolf?

  • Before I decide whether or not I would like to become a werewolf, I'd like to know what I'll have to deal with. Whether this means being stronger, or having an appetite for human flesh, what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with becoming a werewolf?

    I'm particularly interested in if there are any difference between the different races when they become werewolves. For instance, is there any difference between if an orc becomes a werewolf, to if a Khajiit becomes a werewolf?

    I can already see that Skyrim is going to be fertile ground for hilarious-sounding questions.

    I can proudly say that I am a Khajiit Werewolf, and it's clearly better than any other race. Proof

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    9 years ago

    While in regular form, there isn't a whole lot of difference between werewolves and non-werewolves, but when you transform, you get a ton of benefits and drawbacks:


    • Increased max health by 100 (non-regenerating)
    • Increased max stamina by 100
    • Faster sprint speed
    • Wolves no longer attack you
    • Committing crimes in beast form don't count against your normal form
    • Immunity to all diseases, including vampirism (also cures vampirism if you have it)
    • Special, werewolf-only abilities like howls


    • No looting (when a werewolf)
    • No inventory or equipment access (when a werewolf)
    • No talking (when a werewolf)
    • People either run away from you, cower, or attack you (no friendly humanoid NPCs) (when a werewolf)
    • If someone sees you transform, it's automatically a crime
    • No rested bonus
    • If caught transforming in public it's 1,000 gold bounty to pay

    i hear you are also vunerable to silver weapons, though im not sure if this is just in beast form or in human form, too

    It appears you cannot become a vampire once a werewolf, even after curing the werewolf-ism. This last one might be a bug though.

    It's worth clarifying that characters that can transform into werewolves will **never** get the rested bonus. The current wording of the answer implies that the rested bonus is only removed when in werewolf form.

    The real drawback is that your armor does nothing in beast form, so you will likely die in 1 hit past level 15.

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