How do I kill a giant?

  • I've seen and heard a lot of references to how powerful the giants are in Skyrim (e.g. Penny Arcade), so my challenge as soon as I get the game is to go and kill one. I'm sure that if I maxed out my character I could just kill the giant in a fight, but I want to do it as early as possible. Are there any perks or spells which giants are particularly susceptible to? Any particular race I should choose? Any other tricks that would make the task easier?

    Y'know, questions prior to launch don't actually count for the competition. Which rather compounds with the general lack of ease of getting an answer to a gameplay question on a game that hasn't met its full launch date.

    There seem to be plenty of people with the game already. My copy has been shipped but won't arrive for a little while as it's an import (so probably too late for the contest) so I mainly asked as I was curious after seeing the Penny Arcade comic and hearing about the giant on a podcast. I figure there should be an answer in the next couple of days, at the latest.

    I think you kill them by reducing their hit points to 0. Given that there are a near infinte number of ways to do this, and you don't even own the game to give any sort of guidance about doing so with a specific build, I don't think this question is answerable.

    I think the game is already available in some countries.

    @bwarner - OK edited the question to reflect the fact that I want to go and kill a giant as early in the game as possible, and how to go about doing that.

    You could try preordering a Great Axe of Giantkilling.

    @Shinrai: Indeed, the game has been available two days prior to the launch date because of shops that do not conform to the release instructions. Local groceries stores that do sell games are well known to do this kind of practice, they don't care about it and just buy a set of the most recently released games to sell.

    Not quite sure why this question got a second close vote (I'm assuming the first was from @bwarner, which I believe I addressed in an edit), anyone want to enlighten me?

    @jwaddell I don't see any reason for it.

    The 16x damage daggers can get from sneaking is pretty good!

    it is useful to upgrade your archery if you want to 1 shot them fast

  • Giants can't jump.

    For this method, race doesn't really matter.

    1. Make sure you have enough arrows with you. It takes about 50 steel arrows to kill a Giant, you might want to take at least 75 steel arrows with you to make up for missed arrows or slightly stronger Giants. You can farm steel arrows for free in Solitude.

    2. Find a high enough ledge / rock to stand on in the perimeter of the Giant.

    3. Keep firing arrows at him, make sure that you dodge his attacks if the rock is rather small.

    Here is a video demonstrating how this is done, it might be considered a nasty glitch though:

    Giants might be slower than you.

    For this method, races that give you higher running speed and/or stamina have influence in the succes. You might also want to make sure you don't carry much with you as Weight has an influence on your running speed.

    In about any game where your opponent is slower than you, you can kill the opponent by kiting it. In Skyrim, ALT allows you to sprint. You might be able to use a combination of sprinting backwards and firing arrows at the Giant for a long time (it takes longer in between shots than the other method), perhaps using potions to fill your Stamina. The problem with this method is that you might run into other opponents or against a wall, you might want to first inspect the direction in which you will run...

    When I was on a spot they couldn't reach, they would just run out of my reach. So they aint that dumb :P

    @IvoFlipse: The spot might be too big then, try a smaller spot like the one in the YouTube video. It tricks the AI in trying to walk around it to get up on it, but it can't. I don't understand why it ran away for you, because as he is kited he shouldn't just ran away...

    If you have the destruction dual-casting perk and a large enough magicka supply you can easily keep staggering them until they're dead. Maybe have to sprint away from them once or twice, but no pathfinding bugs required.

    Come one now! Orcs are so strong for giants!

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