What are the differences between XBOX 360 Consoles?

  • How many versions of Xbox 360 consoles exist, and what are the differences between them?

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    10 years ago

    Right now there are 3 Editions on the market:

    • 360 Arcade
    • 360 Elite
    • 360 Slim

    Now the Slim is replacing the Elite, so that one will be phased out. There is also plans for a slim arcade version which will phase out the arcade. As a result neither the Arcade nor the Elite are currently in production.

    The major difference between the Elite and the Arcade is the presence of a Hard drive. While the Arcade does have a small amount of on board memory, it isn't much.

    Additionally, the Elite comes with a Headset and Ethernet cable.

    The new Slim also comes with hard drive, headset, but lacks the Ethernet cable in favor of built in wifi (which must be purchased separately for Arcade and Elite).

    You can still find the standard Elite with 120GB HD or 250GB HD and 1 or 2 Controllers (all others come with just 1 controller).

    It is worth noting that the Slim is branded as Elite, even though it is different than the current Elite you can find on the market. The noticeable difference is the slim being smaller and having a less rounded exterior.

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