How to setup the joypad for Binding of Isaac?

  • It seems that Binding of Isaac supports joypad, but simply connecting XBox 360 joypad does not work. Do you know how to setup it?

  • Aubergine

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    9 years ago

    To say that the Binding of Isaac supports the use of a gamepad would be a slight exaggeration.

    The latest patch for the game added control options to the game, which looks like this:

    Control dialog

    And as you can see, the game specifically tells you to use one of the many gamepad to keyboard solutions out there, specifically JoyToKey. This thread describes the alternative of using ControlMK, with specific instructions and even a ready-made setup profile for the game (though I can't vouch for its quality as I have never tried it). The thread also mentions Xpadder, as per Kalamane's answer.

    I personally use the DS3 tool and a Dualshock 3 (I actually prefer the keyboard, but my keyboard has some key-locking issues so I can't walk diagonally and shoot right at the same time).

    ControlMK and profile linked worked very well, thank you.

    Can someone also post all the keys used by the game? (edit the answer and add them!) Because I want to start playing the game, but don't want to pause to reconfigure the joypad mid-game, if the game introduces a new key. (BTW, I'm not using ControlMK, and that's why I didn't bother to download that profile file)

    @DenilsonSá What you suggest wouldn't make much sense in the context of this question. Why not simply ask a new question asking for the controls?

    @Aubergine I was thinking about a new question, but I thought it would be marked as duplicate of this one. Well, I asked it anyway:

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