How can I change the Install Directory of Games in Origin

  • In preparation of the upcoming Battlefield 3 Open Beta, today I attempted to set up Origin to install to the proper directories.

    My base Origin is installed at:


    For some reason though, Origin wants to install all of my games to:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\".

    So I attempted to change this to:

    "E:\Games\Origin\Games", or even just "E:\Games",

    however I keep getting the error message: "The game installation directory is invalid. Please select a different directory." This always comes up unless I pick a directory that is in "C:\Program Files (x86)\" somewhere.

    As you can see below: Red is the error message I get every time I try to change the directory, Green is the default location which can only be changed to VERY similar locations, and Blue is showing the fact that I can change the location of the installers just fine.

    My Problem

    Is there any way (even using other programs, like a registry editor) to change the directory that Origin will install my games to?

  • jello

    jello Correct answer

    9 years ago

    Edit, October 2013: This solution is now outdated; though, with the new filename still valid. Changing the directory from within the client's settings should work without a problem. See for a detailed walkthrough.

    Locate the "Origin" sub-folder in your Application Data - or simply use Start | Run | "%AppData%\Origin".

    There's a local.xml file, open it with a text editor and change the path in the line that begins with

    <Setting key="DownloadInPlaceDir"

    This seems to have worked, but I still get the same error message every time I open settings, although I don't really care about that, so if this works when I install Battlefield I'll accept *this* answer

    This worked like a charm. Like I said before though, I still get the error when I open settings, but it doesn't stop things from installing there, just a little annoying. Not that big of a deal though, hardly ever open settings, and when I do it's just one click and it's gone. Thanks a bunch.

    _Addendum:_ Since one of the last updates, you get a message about an invalid directory every time you open the Settings dialogue. It'll only go away when you reset the directory to standard or force-quit the application. As long as you do not open the Settings, it seems to work fine, though.

    What jello says is true. Luckily, in the same file that you can change your install directory, you can also change all the other settings, so you don't need to use settings at all.

    I managed to achieve something similar by updating the XML file, and then reloading Origin. It said my games were not installed so I clicked install and 2-3 minutes later, it was done. I assume it was checking the games already in the folder.

    Well, yes, maybe; or rather no, probably not. My answer is now almost exactly two years old. The Origin client has seen several revisions since, and the last time I tried changing the directory from within the client, it worked without a problem [like it should]. So, yeah, EA are obviously able to learn. :)

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