How can I sort/organize my Steam game library?

  • My game list is approaching 100 games and it is starting to get difficult to sort them. I've categorized them by genre but it's still difficult to find them (and my backlog is getting bigger).

    I also have Steam installed in more than one computer so I have to repeat the sorting for each one of them.

    Is there any option to have the games ordered in a nice and clean way?

    Edit: About the library sync between computers it could be this problem.

    aren't categories taken over to other computers? When I replaced my PC, my favourites were still flagged as such

    Favorites != Categories it seems... I never knew you could Assign a category.

    I'm sorry if I got you confused, what I wanted with this question was a more sophisticated way to sort my library than categories. As @badp and Tobias pointed out this may be subjective, do you see any way to reword it so it becomes a valid question (or close it if necessary).

    Can you be more specific as to what you're aiming to achieve, or what problem needs solved?

    You have too much free time :-)

    Bro could you lend me your account for a week?:D

  • badp

    badp Correct answer

    9 years ago

    You've got more than just categories in your library. You also have filters. You can filter the list by games you have installed, by games you have played recently and by games you marked as favorites. If you've played that game recently, you'll also find it in Steam's jumplist, or at the top of Steam's tray icon's context menu.

    What you really need though is search; nothing really beats that. You don't even have to use Steam for that: if you told Steam to, all of your Steam games (except shortcuts) are added to the start menu. Want Team Fortress 2? Press the ⊞ Win button on your keyboard, type the first letters of the game, press Enter and you'll have it launched faster than any category or filter combo can.

    +1 for Search, I was suprised that wasn't mentioned earlier. There's also a Search feature built directly into Steam, in the upper-left corner.

    I'll mark this as the accepted answer since it lists all the sorting methods available directly in steam (categories, favorites, filters and search) and it also adds the option to search it through OS search (StartMenu in Win, and also Finder in Mac).

    @HenryHey I'm sorry I assumed Windows, but I can't really talk about a platform I don't use :)

    -1 because search precludes browsing. I generally don't feel "I want to play X", I generally feel "I think I'll play games for a bit", and browse until something strikes my fancy. Also, what if I have many installed games without shortcuts? I generally do not let steam modify my start menu if I can avoid it.

    @FakeName Then organize your library by the means I described in the first paragraph.

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