Is it possible in Minecraft to switch over from survival to creative in single player?

  • This question is regarding the minecraft Beta 1.8 prerelease -- I have a beautiful house in single player survival which I'd like to record while flying.

    I want to be able to change the game mode of my survival map to creative to be able to fly through it without installing a mod. I know it is possible if you run the map on a multiplayer server via the command /gamemode <user> 0|1 but I want to achieve this in single player :)

    I think this would be possible through editing your level.dat file as I think that's where the game mode for the map is stored.

    I was wondering this for the other way round. For adventure maps and such!

    1.13 syntax: `/gamemode survival|creative(|adventure|spectator)`

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    As of Minecraft 1.3, singleplayer and multiplayer have been merged, so you can switch your gamemode with the /gamemode command:

    • /gamemode survival
    • /gamemode creative
    • /gamemode adventure

    You can abbreviate the modes. For example, typing /gamemode c for Creative works as well.

    You can only do this if you haven't disabled cheats during world generation, though.

    If you turned cheats off and still want to do it for whatever reason: The game mode is stored in the level.dat file, which can be edited using an NBT editor, such as NBTExplorer. The game mode is stored in Data/GameType.

    Thank you! I did not want to install any flying mod, since that seems overkill with creative mode having it's own. Since I don't need to change the game mode too often, using NBTedit will not be much of a hassle.

    doesn't work, when i load the world it's back as before ò__ò

    checked and confirmed it worked :]

    Since your answer is top voted and accepted, could you update it to account for changes made in 1.3?

    @MBraedley Well, it's not accepted anymore and since there's another answer now... meh, I'll do it anyway.

    It is accepted, again :)

    You can also use `/gamemode survival`, `/gamemode creative`, and `/gamemode adventure`, so you don't need to memorize which number refers to which game-mode.

    @IQAndreas I think this wasn't possible back when I edited this, but yeah. Thanks for bringing it up.

    You can no longer abbreivate the gamemode in 1.13

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