How can I find the actual seed code for my map?

  • When a map is created randomly, how can we find the seed that it has generated ?

    I want to find some cool map in single player and when I'll find one, I want to get that seed and create it on my SMP server.

    In 1.8 they are going to implement the ability to see the level seed by pressing F3

    @ProSay Having played the 1.8 pre-release, I can confirm that. You should make it an answer.

    but he is kinda talking about 1.7...heck

    @ProSay Not by number he isn't. When Minecraft is updated, you'll notice questions here tend to get updated answers too.

    @SevenSidedDie, it should not be marked as answer since it's in a future

    Small update: I'm currently playing 1.8.8 and when the debug overlay is called (by pressing F3) I cannot see any number that even remotely resembles a seed not to mention that there is no label that indicates its location on the screen.

  • In 1.3 and above you can type /seed into the console to view it.

    However, this is not as good because usually you want the world seed to create another world like it, to share with a friend, and you can't copy/paste it.

    For pre-1.3 versions (and for if you want easy copy/paste) go to, then upload your level.dat file, and it will show you your seed.

    Ah, *where* in the F3 screen is it? Is the feature still in version 1.3.2? I'm not seeing it, for some reason.

    @Cyclops Server admins have an option to hide the seed from the debug screen. (This avoids the problem of players scouting the map in single-player.) Are you on a multiplayer server?

    @SevenSidedDie, although I'm playing single-player, as I understand it - version 1.3 switched the code to pure multi-player, and faking single-player. Does that mean the seed is hidden by default? Is there any way to unhide it? Wups - I just noticed that the answer was edited to show shift-F3. I'll have to try that when I get home.

    @Cyclops Ahah! As of 1.3 it no longer displays on the debug screen. Instead, enter `/seed` into the chat console (opened with `/`). This doesn't require cheats enabled to work, thankfully.

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