How do I easily level up characters In Final Fantasy VII?

  • In Final Fantasy VII, I'm near the end of the 2nd CD: I would like to level up my characters in order to have chances to defeat Weapons.

    Where I can find monsters that give a good amount of EXP (better if easy to beat)?

    Can you suggest some alternative strategies to accomplish the grown of my characters? (I use Cloud, Tifa and Barret).

    Dag nab it... Now I'll likely go home and dig out my PS1 again... Thanks alot, dag. See what you've done?! :-P

    @Aeo: you'd better let the PS1 on your desk 'cause from time to time you NEED to play FFVII!!! And whoever played it should do that! :D

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    The best place to level up in ff7 is the Swamp area in the Northern Crater, it is in the final dungeon of disc 3, but is by far the best place to level. If you are leveling to fight the optional weapons (Ruby, Emerald, Ultima) then i would just progress until you can level here. The enemies you want are Movers, they have little (0?) exp but insane AP and are easily killed, and Magic Pots give great exp and ap, but require an elixir to kill (must give it to them first). You can steal elixirs from Gighee Which is also found in the swamp.

    General method in the swamp is Steal Elixirs from Gighee (Or just use W-Item Duplication on Elixirs), use Elixirs to kill Magic Pots. Also, while hunting these two be sure to kill Movers great AP, and just run from everything else. This place is so good I usually end up putting my save crystal here.

    If that isn't preferred, where you currently are I would recommend Mideel area, the Spiral and Head Hunter (found in forest) enemies give good exp and ap for that part of the game.

    If you want to auto level you can fight the Midgar Zolom (Just stand inside the Midgar Swamp with X taped down, turbo might be needed). You can also auto level on certain beachs by holding down, your character will run up and then down the beach in constant motion. Again having X taped down will auto kill monsters. For these methods you might want to consider Sneak Attack materia in your setup.

    Hope this helps

    But when you enter the final dungeon, it's still possible to go outside? Because just two minute ago I faced another issue: I went to fight with the flying Weapon, won the first battle, then followed him, but I crossed Midgar and the team parachuted inside...I had to reload the game!

    @dag Yes, you can exit the final dungeon after entering. If I'm not mistaken, it's actually necessary, anyway, for getting some items.

    @dag, Grace Note is right, heres a vid on where it is.

    Thank you sooooo much guys! The youtube video poster is a little gross though... :D

    The Midgar Zolom gives only 250'd takes forever to level!

    Yes the benefit with the Zolom is you can set things up and then go do something else while you level. Auto-leveling is all about not being there (sleep, work etc) and still leveling

    I see, yet I prefer your Mideel's neighborhood method: I'm trying that, then I'll proceed with the northern cave and I'll give you feedback!

    Northern Crater has better exp/ap per hour, but I've always used the W-Item to dupe elixirs and then just ran from anything that wasnt a magic pot/movers. Magic Pots give 8000xp per pot and sometimes come in pairs. Movers give 800ap and always come in threes

    WHOAH! I'm at the Northern surely does the trick!

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