How do I beat the first boss (Barrett)?

  • I'm going into this fight with a single EMP grenade, a stun gun and tranquilizer rifle, and a handgun as my only lethal weapon.

    I've managed to use the EMP and the stun gun to lock him down and pump two clips of handgun ammo into his head at point blank. This seems to just tickle him a little bit, and he promptly kills me.

    I've also tried to run-and-gun, using the pillars and barricades for cover, but I haven't been very successful at actually damaging him while trying to dodge his gun and grenades.

    What strategy can I use to kill him without any high-powered lethal weapons?

    Handgun? My condolences. I pumped about two damage-upgraded shotgun clips into his face before he went down.

    going for pacifist playthrough eh, you have to take advantage of those exploding barrels then since it took 3 sniper rifle shots to his head for me (deus ex difficulty) to bring him down. A hand gun would just plink off of him. Good luck!

    I ended up back-tracking through the facility and picking up the rocket launcher from the big room off of detention block D. It's quite effective. :) And there's an opportunity after the fight to go back and collect anything you may have had to drop in order to get the launcher, if you so wish.

    @AnnaLear - That's a nice tip. Thanks for adding that.

    what about if all you have is the tranq rifle? maybe one emp grenade, im trying not to kill any one, so can i just convince him to sit down and have a cup of tea? hmm.... Edit, Thank you for the answer, in that case i will kill him right now, and sorry for asking in the wrong place. feel free to delete, move, disassemble this post as you see fit. Good Day

    Boss kills don't count towards the "Don't kill anyone" achievement.

  • Shadur

    Shadur Correct answer

    9 years ago

    Toss a yellow canister at him. Then while he's coughing and cursing you, throw one of the explosive red barrels at him.

    If you're on higher difficulty levels than story mode, repeat as needed.

    EMP at the start, followed by barrel and canister throwing, worked very well. I didn't need weapons at all.

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