How do I defeat/sneak past proximity mines?

  • I'm at a hallway filled with proximity mines and things are not going well.


    I've tried to crouch past them or in between them but they're very sensitive and I don't think that's a possibility. Shooting them sets them off without me getting killed but it's alarming to the bad guys nearby and that's not good - it is a last resort if I need it. Is there another way to disable or get past these mines without setting them off?

    I passed this section by simply shooting the mines, then getting to cover. The bad guys will come looking, but they won't sound alarm unless they spot you.

  • Feral Chimp

    Feral Chimp Correct answer

    9 years ago

    It's not hard at all if you take these steps. In fact, if you do the following you can't even set them off accidentally (unless you jump or knock something over).

    1. Press Caps Lock, or whatever key you've mapped for "Toggle Walk", to switch from fast movement to slow movement.

    2. Crouch.

    3. Shuffle over to the mine while crouched.

    4. Highlight the mine.

    5. Press whatever key you've mapped to "activate object". This will disable the mine.

    6. If you want to take the mine, "activate object" again.

    Finally! The issue here was that "walk" is not an option that the game teaches you.

    Funny how classic staples of FPS games seem to be overlooked nowadays. I remember back in the day, I had to hold shift to run, none of this auto-running business.

    Using "activate object" again won't do anything but pop an error if your inventory is full.

    @Jeff - To be fair, there are three speeds in this game. Walk, standard (fast walk?) and sprint. And sprint does require you to hit shift.

    Note: if you have a gamepad/controller there is no walk/run toggle, you just have to press the analog stick slightly instead of pressing it fully in the direction you are trying to move

    Here I thought I was being clever by tossing crates at the mines.

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