How do I continue downloading a game in Steam while playing?

  • I have many games on Steam and many more I will buy, but I have a problem and I hope you can point me a solution.

    When I download a game, is it possible to launch and play a single player game under Steam and continue downloading others games in the meanwhile?

    Steam stops my download as soon as I launch any game, and I am looking for a way to prevent this.

    I assume that Steam thinks you want to play online and downloading will hurt your ping.

    We really should be able to configure this on a per-game basis. I like to play offline because I can leave other things downloading in the meantime.

    I filed a support ticket asking Valve to at least not pause downloads when they *know* the game you're launching does not support multiplayer (they obviously can't for non-Steam games or games which have both singleplayer and multiplayer). That must've been two years ago or so... ;)

    Your 100 rep bounty has paid dividends, great question, @Drake!

    I'm playing a single player game. That's no reason for Steam to pause downloads.

  • 3ventic

    3ventic Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Global option

    You can now allow downloads during any gameplay from the downloads settings:

    Settings - Downloads - Allow downloads during gameplay

    Per game option

    You can now tell Steam to continue downloading updates/games while playing games from your games' properties. Note that this setting is not available for non-steam games, which will always use the global setting.

    Updates - Background downloads

    I presume that it's only possible to do this on a game by game basis and not make it the default for all games?

    @Thunderforge the latest beta patch added a global option

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