How can I get Diablo II to run on Windows 7?

  • I just tried installing Diablo II on my girlfriend's laptop so that she can get caught up on the gameplay in preparation for playing Diablo III together...except that it won't launch on Windows 7. I remember I did something to get it working before, but I couldn't get it working by just setting compatibility mode to Windows 98.

    How can I get Diablo II to run on Windows 7?

    Install Torchlight instead

    @NickT Except I can play Diablo II with her.

    LAN or Bnet *cough* reddit *cough*?

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    9 years ago

    In order to run Diablo 2 on my windows 7 PC, I did the following (and this should work for Vista as well):

    • Have the compatibility mode set to Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
    • Run in 256 colours
    • Disable Desktop composition
    • Run this program as an administrator

    If you still run into issues, try keeping the Screen Resolution menu opened as you play. This may sound odd, but I've seen a few people say this solved their problems when playing.

    This was the solution I used. It made it run well enough to get the patch, which solved most of the other problems with colors and such.

    I'm actually running Diablo II in Vista without the first two steps (compatibility mode is not checked and colors were not changed). I do have UAC off, but I'm an administrator on my PC anyway, and Diablo II is running under me.

    I didn't have to do squat on Win7. I have UAC disabled fwiw (which I actually DON'T recommend, but I have an application that simply won't work unless it's off, so this could be the same)

    @Shinrai Ditto. Install, VidTest, Run, done.

    @Shinrai I've heard the same thing from other people. It seems it's just hit or miss.

    When I installed Diablo 2 on Windows 7 I was having some issues with crazy coloring as well. Opening Task Manager, and ending process on Explorer.exe fixed that issue.

    In my case, Adobe Creative Cloud (and its components) was the reason why the game automatically minimized each time I entered. After closing it the game runs just fine.

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