How can I disable creepers' block damage on my Minecraft server?

  • Please note that these are NOT acceptable solutions:

    • Completely disabling monsters (peaceful mode)
    • Completely removing creepers
    • Completely disabling explosions (TNT + Creepers)
    • Disabling creeper explosions

    More exactly, I want the creepers to be able to spawn and explode, but without doing their terrain damage (they should still be doing health damage to the players).

    I'm fine with the use of mods but I'd prefer a built-in solution if possible.

  • It's now built into 1.4.5 (and perhaps earlier 1.4.x). This is a command built into the server, and also single-player, if you have cheats enabled.

    /gamerule mobGriefing false

    Exactly as you want: creepers damage players but not blocks.

    As a bonus, I just installed the "Ice Cream Sandwich Creeper Mod" -- in snow biome, creeper explosions leave ... well, just as the name implies. There's also full crafting support.

    Be aware that with mobGriefing disabled, villagers won't farm anymore.

    Also, endermen don't pick blocks.

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