Which abilities contain mutagen slots?

  • Which abilities in The Witcher 2 contain Mutagen slots?

    Does the level of points invested in the ability affect the availability of mutagen slots?

  • List of talents containing mutagen slots:

    Training tree:

    • Arrow redirection
    • Fortitude

    Swordsmanship tree:

    • Invincible
    • Combat Acumen
    • Whirlwind

    Magic tree:

    • Enhanced Yrden Sign
    • Sense of Magic
    • Control over the Power

    Alchemy tree:

    • Condensation
    • Metathesis
    • Berserker
    • Mutant
    • Amplification

    You only need one point invested in a talent to mutate it.

    I've made this CW, feel free to add any talents witch mutagen slots you find.

    I know the one at the top-right of the first tree (it gives you extra vigor and vigor regen, I think) has a mutagen slot, but I'm at work now so I can't look up the name.

    @StrixVaria I added it. From the ones we have so far the slots seem to be at the end of each tree.

    I added the five Alchemy skills. Note that this is one of the advantages of specializing in Alchemy - more options for mutagens, which makes sense. And you are correct, they're generally at the end of the trees.

    Now a new question: What's the greatest number of mutagen slots you could possibly get? What's the level cap, 30 something, I think?

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