How do I use mutagens?

  • I've collected a nice selection of mutagens so far, but I have no idea on how to actually use them. They are supposed to be able to improve my character somehow.

    How exactly do I apply those mutagens?

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    Ah, nothing breaks the immersion better than seeing a double helix in a fantasy game.

    @Oak Bioshock isn't a fantasy game?

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    Mutagens boost your abilities which allow a mutagen slot.

    You can loot one from a defeated enemy or you can create one as a byproduct of alchemy.

    To apply a mutagen, go into quick menu and choose meditation (Default key: CTRL), then select the Character option and find an ability that has a mutagen slot (list of abilities with mutagen slots). Select the ability, and choose Mutate (Enter). Select the desired mutagen from the list and choose Mutate Ability (Space).

    The mutation cannot be reversed.

    Mutagens usually take one of three forms: lesser, basic and greater. Each of these forms raises the character’s statistics, but by a different amount:

    • Critical effects mutagen: Increases the chance of causing critical effect.
    • Range mutagen: Increases the range of the Aard, Igni and Axii Signs.
    • Vitality mutag: Increases vitality.
    • Power mutagen: Increases sword damage.
    • Strength mutagen: Increases damage reduction.
    • Concentration mutagen: Increases Sign damage.
    • Madness mutagen: +2 armor, +5 vitality
    • Enhancement mutagen: Increases adrenaline generation on hitting foe

    There are even more mutagens than these listed in the manual, at least I found some that aren't listed here.

    That is cool. The Wikia page is not up2date with TW2 info yet, so maybe you should initiate? :)

    We could just update your answer here with mutagens we find. I'd probably need to update my question to also ask about what the mutagens do.

    That's a good idea. Are you sure the mutagens you found are not sub-classes of the above mentioned?

    I've found just the one unusal one so far, I've edited it into the answer

    @Tergiver what is this Enhancement mutagen you added?

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