What is the fastest way to travel long distances in Minecraft?

  • In Minecraft, I have pretty much emptied the places around my home of resources and thus I need to travel a lot to other mines. I would like to know a fast way to do so. I have tried minecarts on rails (take up a lot of iron, and aren't really that fast), boats and more. I guess I should build some sort of construction.

    What is the fastest mean of transport you can make in Minecraft (something which is still worth the effort to build, of course)?

    A theoretical, super-dangerous solution using ender-pearls would be to set up basins around nether portals in the nether, and use targeted ender-pearls to teleport between them. Apart from the high risk of missing and teleporting directly into lava, there's the added bonus of being completely awesome.

    Traveling by boat consumes no hunger at all, so it's also a very efficient method.

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    Well, the fastest form of transportation is by minecart, and within The Nether you travel at a 8:1 ratio as in the overworld, so my answer would be traveling via minecart in The Nether.

    (Even walking in The Nether is faster than any overworld transportation - minecarts top out at 8m/s, and you certainly walk faster than 1m/s.)

    The Nether is actually 8:1. Notch suggested 16:1 at one point, but the actual release had it at 8:1.

    I was wondering about that - for some reason I thought 8:1 in my head, but then I remembered it was chunk to block and confused myself into thinking it was 16:1. Thanks for the correction.

    The best transit system I've seen for the Nether involves long, cobblestone shelters from one location to the next. If you're going to a brand new location, just build one out from a shelter and build a portal at the end. If you want to connect two separate places, you'll need to locate where both portals are in relation to one another in the Nether (which will roughly correlate to the main world) then build your path/shaft from one to the other. Make sure your path is short, or Ghasts might spawn within it.

    As for the new update you could use horses as well. As stated in this question http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/164506/netherhorses-are-they-viable, you can get horses in the nether and travel there. (this also is way cheaper than finding/crafting rails),

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