What is the best layer to mine for gold in Minecraft?

  • Now that booster tracks can be created using gold ore, I seem to be getting through my supplies rather quickly.

    What is the layer with the highest amount of gold? I'm currently looking around layer 25-30, but can't seem to find more than a couple of blocks..

    Gold can actually be found at any depth, I'm pretty sure. I found some on the surface once.

  • I'm always mining on the second level on top of bedrock. That is 4-6 blocks on top of bedrock layer.

    This area is very rich in everything. Tons of coal, tons of iron and reasonable amounts of gold/diamonds/lapiz/redstone.

    I just picked up 15 blocks in about 10 minutes by doing this, good call

    If you're worried about lava, you might mine a little higher. I think diamonds spawn 10 layers and down.

    I actually ended up mining about layer 11-12 when looking at the F3 debug info (so just on top of the lava layer)

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